Photography at Marienplatz in Munich

Marienplatz in Munich is a great place to take some beautiful photographs.

I developed the images in Adobe Lightroom 6.

I used a retro film look RGB curve.

The photos were taken on a Canon 80D with a 24-105mm f4 Lens.

I am very happy with the images.

I can not say this enough.

After years of fullframe photography, I really find the APS Crop system really really nice!

Especially with the 24-105 mm you have so many options in image creation!

Sunday morning photography with Canon 80D + 24-105mm in retro film look

On a morningly bike ride around my neighborhood, I took some pictures, that I would like to show to you!

I developed the images in Lightroom 6.

I used my own retro film Look presets.

It is more or less a simple adjustment in the RGB Curves.

I like this image, because the foreground is beautifully blurred. It leads the attention to the center of the image.

Dew on leaves look awesome in black and white I think.

Leaves in retro film look

Dew drops look so cool!

Cross processing can happen in the computer nowadays. I still like this effect from the 90s very much!

La lune. Did you know, the moon is female in France?

Close crop of a flower with dew

Interesting crop, gives tention and attention.

The contrast is key to the retro film look.

Long Shadow of my bike in the morning.

Sillhouettes are beautiful

Retro Vintage Analoger Film Look in Lightroom

Hallo Leute, in diesem Video zeige ich Euch, wie ich diesen analogen, retro, Vintage Film Look in Lightroom gestalte.
Dieser Look ist im Augenblick sehr angesagt.

Ich hoffe das Video hat Euch gefallen! Ich freue mich über jeden Kommentar, jedes Abo bei Youtube und jedem Daumen hoch! Danke! Continue reading “Retro Vintage Analoger Film Look in Lightroom”