Photography at Marienplatz in Munich

Marienplatz in Munich is a great place to take some beautiful photographs.

I developed the images in Adobe Lightroom 6.

I used a retro film look RGB curve.

The photos were taken on a Canon 80D with a 24-105mm f4 Lens.

I am very happy with the images.

I can not say this enough.

After years of fullframe photography, I really find the APS Crop system really really nice!

Especially with the 24-105 mm you have so many options in image creation!

Photowalk in Munich with Lensbaby Sol and Fullframe Camera

City and Street Photography is great fun!

You get outside, breath fresh air and you take beautiful images.

Yesterday were perfect conditions for a photowalk.

A bright day with blue sky and the sun standing low in the afternoon.

Images from Munich taken with Lensbaby Sol

I brought my Lensbay Sol Lens together with my Canon 5D2 Fullframe Camera.

The speciality of the Lensbaby is the analog filmlook with unsharp vignetting build into the lens.

I walk in this video from Luisenstraße over Hauptbahnhof to Theresienwiese in Munich.

Images taken with the Lensbaby Sol 45 mm Lens on a Fullframe DSLR

More Infos about the Lensbay Sol Lens