Canon 80D + 50mm f1.4 Lens. A great story telling combination

The Canon 80D was my first experience in working with crop DSLRs.

The APS-C sensor has the crop factor of 1,6.

When you use a 50mm lens on this camera it looks like a 50mm x 1,6 =80mm lens.

This has very interesting optical consequences.

Suddenly you have with your 50mm a 80mm medium telephoto lens.

Street photography with a 80mm is challenging, but the results are great.

You really have to concentrate on a narrow field, that you would like to photograph.

The crop also creates a compressed perspective.

This looks great. It gives a dense image story telling feel to the images.

The 80D + 50mm is not a everyday combination. But when you use it, you get images with very high expression.

Great for illustration of travellers guides or magazines.

It is really special and produces artistic pictures.

It challenges the way you see.

A really great combination.

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