Photography with Canon 80D + 24-105 mm f4 II in Munich

Here you can see images, that I took with my Canon 80D APS C camera.

APS stands for Advanced Photo system and I am really happy with the results, that I get with the standard lens 24-105 f4.

APS C has a 1,6 crop compared to fullframe 36×24 mm.

It is smaller, but this is an advantage. It gives a more dense image impression.

All in all you have more creative possibilities, compared to fullframe.

Also the Canon APS C Cameras usually cost less than a fullframe.

The image quality of a Canon fullframe though is more epic, more grand artistic.

But for many advanced photographers a APS C is the right choice.

Image Slideshow with Flowers in the east of Munich.

I developed the images in Lightroom 6.

Also I exported the video slideshow in Lightroom 6.

The image collection was created in Adobe Indesign.

I still use the Adobe Master Collection CS 5.5 and I am still happy with it.

I took the images here:

Also a very good spot to take images of tall water fountains!