Sunday morning photography with Canon 80D + 24-105mm in retro film look

On a morningly bike ride around my neighborhood, I took some pictures, that I would like to show to you!

I developed the images in Lightroom 6.

I used my own retro film Look presets.

It is more or less a simple adjustment in the RGB Curves.

I like this image, because the foreground is beautifully blurred. It leads the attention to the center of the image.

Dew on leaves look awesome in black and white I think.

Leaves in retro film look

Dew drops look so cool!

Cross processing can happen in the computer nowadays. I still like this effect from the 90s very much!

La lune. Did you know, the moon is female in France?

Close crop of a flower with dew

Interesting crop, gives tention and attention.

The contrast is key to the retro film look.

Long Shadow of my bike in the morning.

Sillhouettes are beautiful

Seerosen Fotografie in 360 Grad

In diesem Video spreche ich über Fotografie

Das Video ist in 360 Grad. Ihr könnt Euch darin umschauen.

Das 24-105mm Objektiv ist die vielseitigste Linse von Canon, wie ich finde.

Die Canon 5D ist 12 Jahre alt, hat aber eine bessere Bildqualität als die Canon 80D.

Es ist wahr, you get what you pay for.

Videogalerie mit den Seerosenbildern

Hier könnt Ihr Euch die Fotos anschauen!

Fotografie nach Sonnenuntergang – grafische Linien und Wege zum Horizont

In dem Video erkläre ich, was so schön an diesem Fotomotiv ist

Canon DSLR Kameras bei Amazon

Schöne Färbung und tolle grafische Linien bei diesem Sonnenuntergangs Motiv. Fotografiert mit Canon 5D + 24-105mm f4 mit 1000 ISO. Die Kamera ist 12 Jahre alt und macht immer noch super Fotos!

Die Bilder

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Foto Radltour auf dem Lande mit der Canon 80D und dem Lensbaby 45 mm Objektiv

Radltour mit DSLR auf dem Lande

Lensbaby Objektive bei Amazon

Bilder die ich auf der Foto Radl Tour gemacht habe

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Long Exposure at night photowalk

A quick nice photo idea at night is a photo walk with long time exposures!

Just set your camera to bulb, choose an open aperture.

When you press the release button, hold the button pressed

Move the camera around. You can also zoom back and forth.

The light sources of the street will create an interesting modern image on the sensor

Then comes the big surprise.

How will the image look.

Every long exposure will be different and interesting.

It is a nice way to combine a walk at night with creative photography.

Long exposures are like painting with light.

Examples for long time exposures at night with a moving camera

Low Light Photography Tutorial with 360 Video

In this 360 Tutorial I take some pictures of our shopping center here in the east of Munich in Germany.

It is pleasingly illuminated after the holiday season.

A great image to be taken at night with the beautiful lights and reflections on the wet square in front of it.

The Vlog is done with my GoPro Max.

I took the images with my Canon 5D that still produces very nice low light images with 1000 ISO.