Foto Radltour auf dem Lande mit der Canon 80D und dem Lensbaby 45 mm Objektiv

Radltour mit DSLR auf dem Lande

Lensbaby Objektive bei Amazon

Bilder die ich auf der Foto Radl Tour gemacht habe

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Rock Pear Blossom Macro Photography

Images taken today with my Canon 80D. I had my Canon 100 mm f2,8 Macro on.

I could take very nice pictures from this beautifully blooming rock pear.

Very nice bokeh at aperture 2,8.

Very good sharpness, even wide open.

A true L Lens, which deserves its name!

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Canon 80D + 100 mm f2,8 Macro L Example Images

Today I went on a photowalk with my Canon 80D and my Canon 100mm f2,8 Macro Lens.

Here I show you some of the pictures that I took.

The 100mm Macro Lens has a very nice bokeh at f 2,8.

A great combi for taking images of flowers, ants and insects and all kinds of macros and details.

We had the first real day of spring in 2020.

Very helpful was the flipout screen, so I could take images from a very low angle.

Beautiful for floral photography!

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Infos über die Canon 850D

Canon EOS 850D: Schnelle Einsteiger-DSLR mit Augen-AF

Krefeld, 13. Februar 2020. Canon präsentiert seine neueste DSLR: Mit ihrem 24,1 Megapixel Dual Pixel CMOS APS-C-Sensor und der beeindruckenden 4K-Videofunktion ist die Canon EOS 850D der perfekte Allrounder für alle, die ihre bestehende Ausrüstung aufrüsten und ihrer Kreativität freien Lauf lassen möchten. Die Spiegelreflexkamera bietet außerdem flexible Konnektivität und verfügt über den schnellen DIGIC 8 Prozessor.

Canon EOS 850D

  • 24,1 Megapixel Dual Pixel CMOS APS-C-Sensor
  • 4K (Kontrast AF) 24p/25p
  • Full HD mit Dual Pixel CMOS AF bis zu 60p
  • AF-System mit 45-Feldern
  • AF mit Augenerkennung (und Nachführung)
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Canon shares further details about the new EOS R5

Canon reveals further EOS R5 details – shutting down speculation that some specs are ‘a fantasy’

13th March 2020

Canon EOS R5
Shown with RF24-105mm F4 L IS USM lens

Sydney, AUSTRALIA, 13th March 2020: Canon INC has today released further development specifications for its recently announced Canon EOS R5, the next-generation full-frame interchangeable lens camera in the company’s EOS R System. These additional details come exactly one month since Canon released the development announcement of the EOS R5 and shut down speculation that some of its revolutionary specifications are ‘a fantasy’.

Signalling a new phase of Canon 5-Series imaging and a revolution in the mirrorless full camera category, Canon’s EOS R5 will offer every photographer – not just professionals – access to high-quality imaging, cutting-edge 8K movie recording, new approaches to in-body image stabilisation, and revolutionary subject detection and tracking performance features.

New possibilities for movie performance
Unleashing new possibilities, Canon Inc. confirms the EOS R5’s video capabilities will exceed that of competing cameras on the market1. With its ability to internally record 8K using the full width of the sensor at up to 30p, the latest Canon EOS R camera is set to redefine mirrorless with its market-leading features. In addition, in all 8K modes the EOS R5 will support Canon’s renowned Dual Pixel CMOS AF.

A beast for subject detection and tracking performance for animals and people
Canon Inc. also confirms the EOS R5 supports advanced animal AF – recognising dogs, cats and birds, relying not only on the eyes of the animal but also the face and body for situations when the eyes are not visible.

Jason McLean, Director – Consumer Imaging & Services, Canon Australia, said: “Our EOS 5-Series was developed fifteen years ago to make full-frame cameras accessible to consumers, not just professional shooters. Today, that purpose remains steadfast as we continue achieving the ‘impossible’ to deliver the hybrid needs of content creators who are demanding uncompromised performance to generate more still and motion visual content than ever before.”

“With its game changing 8K movie capabilities, new approaches to image stabilisation, revolutionary subject detection, and compatibility with Canon’s full suite of EF2 and RF lenses, the EOS R5 represents a category revolution as opposed to product evolution in the interchangeable-lens camera market.”

The EOS R5 specifications previously confirmed by Canon include:
• The EOS R5 offers a step-change in performance with an incredible 12fps using the mechanical shutter and the electronic shutter offering 20fps
• The EOS R5 takes Canon’s cutting-edge image stabilisation technology to the next level, by including a newly Canon-developed, in-camera image stabilisation system – which works in combination with the lens stabilisation system
• With content delivery just as important as image and video capture, the EOS R5 supports automatic transfer of image files from the device to the cloud platform3
• The highly anticipated EOS R5 will feature dual card slots

Image Examples of the Canon 50mm f1,4 lens with a Fullframe camera

The 50mm f1,4 is often a undervalued lens. Although it has so much potential.

Here I show you some shoots that I took this weekend in the Nymphenburg castle park in Munich, Germany.

The 50mm is a beautiful old fashioned story telling lens. Especially on a fullframe camera.

You can get reasonable wide shoots, as well as good detail pictures.

You can even take pictures of animals and crop it later in your Photo app.

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Canon 80D + 50mm f1.4 Lens. A great story telling combination

The Canon 80D was my first experience in working with crop DSLRs.

The APS-C sensor has the crop factor of 1,6.

When you use a 50mm lens on this camera it looks like a 50mm x 1,6 =80mm lens.

This has very interesting optical consequences.

Suddenly you have with your 50mm a 80mm medium telephoto lens.

Street photography with a 80mm is challenging, but the results are great.

You really have to concentrate on a narrow field, that you would like to photograph.

The crop also creates a compressed perspective.

This looks great. It gives a dense image story telling feel to the images.

The 80D + 50mm is not a everyday combination. But when you use it, you get images with very high expression.

Great for illustration of travellers guides or magazines.

It is really special and produces artistic pictures.

It challenges the way you see.

A really great combination.

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