Image Examples of the Canon 50mm f1,4 lens with a Fullframe camera

The 50mm f1,4 is often a undervalued lens. Although it has so much potential.

Here I show you some shoots that I took this weekend in the Nymphenburg castle park in Munich, Germany.

The 50mm is a beautiful old fashioned story telling lens. Especially on a fullframe camera.

You can get reasonable wide shoots, as well as good detail pictures.

You can even take pictures of animals and crop it later in your Photo app.

The 50mm is not the lens, that I love the most. Because often on first sight the images look unspectacular.

But when they are developed, the results get really artistic.

The strength of the 50mm is the versatility.

You have to concentrate on what to include in a wide shoot.

Very objective perspective (human eyes view).

Incredible separation and bokeh in close up images.

Also the look and feel of the images is more analoge. The pictures do not look like from an L lens.

They look older, less contrasty.

That´s what I like about it.

Videoslideshow 50mm f1,4

Image Examples of the 50mm f1,4 Lens on a Fullframe Camera

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