Photographic Diary. Morning pictures in the park February 1st 2020

A beautiful February morning here, where I live.

Great to get outside, ride the bike and take some pictures of the moring colors of the sky and the nature.

The panoramas are taken with my GoPro MAX and the other landscape images are taken with my 5D +24-105 f4 lens.

We had a great view of the bavarian alps mountain chain.

It is always a great experience to see the sun rise. It has something uplifting.

That´s photography: Being at the right time in the right place and having your camera with you.

Sunrise is always right.

Also it is nice to have a photographic diary. Everyday is different. We just can not remember it.

Only when we have a photographic diary.

Images in the morning before and at sunrise

The pictures where taken here:

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