Multiple Flash Exposure Blending for Interior Photography

Brian Wancho shows in very simple steps, the remarkable difference between an ambient lighted room and a room that has been multiple times flashed.

The difference is astonishing.

Brian packs all the important information into a 1 minute video.

A great way to give your interior and architectural images the special cool look.

The workflow is really easy and effective

  • Put your camera on a tripod
  • you take several images with different exposures, for example the outside light and the lamps in the room.
  • Then you start painting and accentuate certain parts of the room
  • For that you put your flash on manual mode, set the right setting
  • Now you wander around your room and flash the spots
  • Next you import the images into Photoshop and stack them into layers on top of another
  • Choose “lighten” in the blending modes, now the bright parts will show through
  • Use layer masks, in case you show up in the image and mask it out.
  • done

I´ve been looking for a simple explanation of this workflow.

Great that Brian has shared it with us!

Brian Wancho´s Homepage

Brian is a Professional Phototgrapher from El Paso, Texas, USA.

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