Astro Photography with 50mm f1,4 – 24-105mm f4 and 100mm f2,8

Last week we had great conditions for astro photography.

A clear night sky and not to cold outside in January.

I took my camerabag and my new carbon tripod into the park to take some beautiful astro images.

I used the Canon 50 mm f1,4, the 24-105 mm f4 and the 100 mm Macro f 2,8 together with the 5D Mark2 and the 80D.

I was very surprised how many stars you could see on the pictures.

Especially with the 50mm 1,4 there were so many stars more than the human eye could see.

It was really amazing!

I used ISO between 1600 and 3200.

In this video I talk about Astro Photography

Astro Photos from my nightsky session

Star and Nightsky Photography

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