Multiple Flash Exposure Blending for Interior Photography

Brian Wancho shows in very simple steps, the remarkable difference between an ambient lighted room and a room that has been multiple times flashed.

The difference is astonishing.

Brian packs all the important information into a 1 minute video.

A great way to give your interior and architectural images the special cool look.

The workflow is really easy and effective

  • Put your camera on a tripod
  • you take several images with different exposures, for example the outside light and the lamps in the room.
  • Then you start painting and accentuate certain parts of the room
  • For that you put your flash on manual mode, set the right setting
  • Now you wander around your room and flash the spots
  • Next you import the images into Photoshop and stack them into layers on top of another
  • Choose “lighten” in the blending modes, now the bright parts will show through
  • Use layer masks, in case you show up in the image and mask it out.
  • done

I´ve been looking for a simple explanation of this workflow.

Great that Brian has shared it with us!

Brian Wancho´s Homepage

Brian is a Professional Phototgrapher from El Paso, Texas, USA.

Lightroom Master Serge Ramelli shows his skills.

Serge Ramelli is for me the Lightroom Master of Landscape and Cityscape Photography

The Results of Serge Ramellis Landscape and Cityscape Photos really look amazing.

Serge is a great guy, because he shares his best tipps and tricks on youtube with us.

It is astonishing how simple it can be to achieve these impressive image results.

Instead of globally altering the image he uses a lot of circles and adjustment bruhes to doge and burn the landscape or cityscape to the next level.

Super awesome tutorials. I can highly recommend them.

Also check out his Homepage. There you can find even more courses and Masterclass videos.

Serge is from Paris in France but he lives in Los Angeles , USA, California.

360 tiny planet effect with gopro vr player desktop version

You can create super cool image effects with 360 cameras.

In this video I will show you how to create a tiny planet effect with GoPros VR Player

GoPro´s virtual reality player is a free software to watch photos and videos on your computer.

But you can alos use it to create the very popular tiny planet effect.

Actually it is quite easy!

In the VR Player you can zoom in and out.

Also you can pan left and right.

By dragging the 360 photo up or down you change the picture, so that it looks like a tiny planet.

A very popular effect and you can create it with the VR Player for free.

In the video I show you how I do it and I show you some examples.

Astro Photography with 50mm f1,4 – 24-105mm f4 and 100mm f2,8

Last week we had great conditions for astro photography.

A clear night sky and not to cold outside in January.

I took my camerabag and my new carbon tripod into the park to take some beautiful astro images.

I used the Canon 50 mm f1,4, the 24-105 mm f4 and the 100 mm Macro f 2,8 together with the 5D Mark2 and the 80D.

I was very surprised how many stars you could see on the pictures.

Especially with the 50mm 1,4 there were so many stars more than the human eye could see.

It was really amazing!

I used ISO between 1600 and 3200.

In this video I talk about Astro Photography

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Photographic Diary. Morning pictures in the park February 1st 2020

A beautiful February morning here, where I live.

Great to get outside, ride the bike and take some pictures of the moring colors of the sky and the nature.

The panoramas are taken with my GoPro MAX and the other landscape images are taken with my 5D +24-105 f4 lens.

We had a great view of the bavarian alps mountain chain.

It is always a great experience to see the sun rise. It has something uplifting.

That´s photography: Being at the right time in the right place and having your camera with you.

Sunrise is always right.

Also it is nice to have a photographic diary. Everyday is different. We just can not remember it.

Only when we have a photographic diary.

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New Power Panoramas taken with the GoPRO MAX

One of the coolest photo features of the GOPRO MAX Action camera is the power panorama!

The 360 camera stitches a 270 Degree panorama photo together.

Without moving the camera around. Instantly.

The creation of these exciting wideangle images takes only seconds.

It happens all in the camera.

A treat for every panorama lover.

You get very nice images by day and also by night (de noising should be applied in the image developement).

Power Panorama example images

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Macro Photography of a 100 Euro Bill with Canon 80D and 100mm f2,8 Macro Lens

Macro Photography is super exciting and fun! There are millions of things you can photograph with a macro lens.

You can emphasize details of every day objects.

In this case I take images of details of a 100 Euro bill (not an everyday object, but an interesting one).

I was very surprised how close one can get to the object.

I shot the images with my Canon 80D + the 100mm f2,8 macro Lens.

I am very happy with the results.

Here I show you the camera setup and the example images.

Camera Setup

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Unfocus your lens and take some creative pictures

Photography is about creativity.

Photography should be fun.

Photography is also about experimenting.

For example taking unfocused images at night is really great.

You turn off you autofucus. Then you pull your lens into a unfocused position.

Now every light source will look like a light circle in the image.

Just a creative way to take some pictures.

This way you can really create some great artwork!

Have you every tried this? If not, grap your camera, get outside and take some pictures!

All the best